ABOUT ME meet Ammy

Hello! My name is Ammy, welcome to my website.

A little bit about myself - I'm first and foremost a mother to our beautiful daughter Claudia and a wife to my wonderfully supportive husband Ben.

My love of photography was originally borne from my love for travel. I enjoy seeing the world through a lens and documenting candid moments in a photojournalistic style. I find human interaction fascinating, everyone has their own unique story to tell and I strive to capture genuine emotions.

My photography is more recently inspired by the desire to document the development of my daughter Claudia in pictures. As a mother, the emotions that I feel when looking over photos of Claudia are of pride, gratitude and unparalleled happiness.

I’d love to connect with you and help capture lasting memories that will be cherished within your families for generations to come. Please feel free to get in touch!

(Photos of my family are taken by the beautiful and talented Anya Maria.)

Interesting Things about Ammy Lam
I MY HERITAGE I have Chinese and Cambodian heritage (but I have lived in Hong Kong, Adelaide, Melbourne, and London)
II PROFESSION I have a medical background (I am a qualified clinical hospital pharmacist, specialising in surgery and trauma)
III MY PASSION I love to chase the magical ‘golden hour’ as the sun is setting to create that warm soft glow in my photos
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