Maternity photoshoot – Marketa

Our maternity photoshoot with Marketa and Sergio was the first time our home studio was really put to the test!

We had purchased extra long 3-metre white and black backdrops especially for the session. Our home studio was just wide enough to accommodate for the backdrops but we did have to do some manoeuvring of our existing furniture onto our balcony to clear a suitably large space!

We had in mind the style of shots we wanted to achieve – low key, sensual, romantic, focusing on the beautiful contours of the human body.  This was achieved by using a large soft box as the main light source.  A second flash was clamped to the other side behind the couple to provide a rim/separation light.

Marketa and Sergio are a gorgeous couple and were fantastic to photograph – we all had such a great time doing this session.

Marketa brought a couple of pairs of baby shoes along, which were exceptionally cute. In addition she also had a printout of her recent ultrasound scan, it’s amazing to be able to visualise the baby in this way.

Our best wishes go out to the parents-to-be and we are very much looking forward to the baby photoshoot!

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