Pre-Wedding – Hien and Gary

These guys win an award for the most fun couple we’ve photographed!

There’s never a dull moment around Hien and Gary. They definitely kept us on our toes during this hilarious pre-wedding shoot! If Hien wasn’t joking around or having a laugh with us, then Gary would be coming out with some dry witty comment that had us in stitches.  We had a hard time trying not to laugh so much, so that we could concentrate on the job at hand!

Given Hein’s love affair with Korean popular culture and the current global domination of K-pop sensation PSY, it should have been no surprise that Hien and Gary would turn up to this shoot dressed and ready for some Gangnam Style action… plus Gary shares a passing resemblance to PSY once the sunglasses go on! The tourists who had woken up early to see the city sights seemed utterly bemused by Hien and Gary’s antics on the Millennium Bridge  🙂

All in all, it was a tremendously enjoyable day out with some brilliant moments captured on camera – a true representation of Hien and Gary’s fun-loving personalities!

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